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Painful nails

Toenails can cause much pain if they are broken or grow into toes. Those are not their most common problems: more than half of them are nail fungus. This affects toenails much more often than fingernails.

Was hilft bei nagelpilz is one of the few websites dedicated to this widely spread problem. It warns against expensive but ineffective drugs and recommends a plant-based one.

To begin, we have to know how to recognize it: toenails thicken, change their colour (mostly they are yellow but can also be black, white or green) and crumble. After some time, skin around and under them becomes sore and itchy. Only in severe stages, there are symptoms that affect the whole body, like fatigue. However, some people are allergic to fungus and might therefore have rashes on other parts of the body.

Often normal aging and some other conditions are wrongly diagnosed as fungus. To avoid this, patients can have samples tested in tubes. This is especially recommended before risky treatments (terbinafine, itraconazole or fluconazole) while it probably makes no sense before harmless baths.

Sick parts are better removed. It takes about a year for a nail to grow again after it has been damages by fungi. Some form of treatment should continue throughout this time. Permanent damage can remain and recurrence is common

More species

There are more species of molds that cause such diseases and some are more typicals for certain parts of the world (mostly depending on climate) or for ceratin age groups. Nevertheless, they are similar enough to treat all in the same ways. Symptoms and advice for preventing it are also the same.

Likelihood of infection increases with aging and is, in part, genetically conditioned. Some other diseases and injuries increase it, too.

Review of Some Hair Lice Treatment Methods

Here we shall talk about some methods that people use for taking care of their head lice problem. We shall briefly describe these methods and talk about their effectiveness as well.

Using a Nit Comb

A nit comb is like a usual comb, but it has very closely arranged teeth. It is smaller in size, and the teeth are sharper than one finds on a usual hair comb. The purpose of the nit comb is to remove the lice ensconced on the scalp of the head as it is ran over it. To use it, you need to hold the comb tightly and then run it over the head with a certain degree of force till the lice are pulled out. Once they are pulled out, they are killed by squashing them.


This method sounds gory and it is! Also, there is a certain amount of pain involved, which means the method cannot be used on small children.

Using Hair Dye

Hair dye is an application method. It contains some chemicals, known as neurotoxins, which kill the adult lice. It is meant to be applied on the head, kept on for some time as per instructions, and then washed off. When that is done, you can see the bodies of the adult lice going away with the water. But does hair dye kill lice? It does, but only the adults. The nits are left behind and they grow up soon and the problem recurs.

Using Herbal Shampoos

These are preferred because they don’t have harsh chemicals in them and you don’t need to apply force. Just gently massaging them into the hair once a day or as indicated is enough. They also have an appealing fragrance, which does not make the user feel embarrassed.

Of all the methods mentioned above, we are inclined towards herbal shampoos because of their effectiveness as well as their ease of application.

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