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Respect Animals

Animals of different species can form friendships or even adopt each others’ offspring. The same is in human nature people feel (or at least should feel) similar feelings towards other people, dogs, cats, birds.

Unfortunately, many human societies have separated themselves from nature and started cultivating a belief that people are superior so they can treat other beings bad. This is getting better now but some unethical teachings still exist.


For example, guided duck hunts and other hunting activities encourage people to think of animals as tools for their entertainment. Some people and agencies that offer hunting as entertainment market power over others’ life and death as a great feeling that connects you to nature. Preparation of trophies is considered an art and way of honouring the animal but what about honouring it by letting it alone?

Hunted animals and hunters’ deeds are often referred to with scornful terms that oppress people’s compassion and ability to think about animals as persons. After some time of exposure to such attitudes, not necessarily through participation in hunting, people really can lose respect for life.

This often shows in decreased ability to sympathize with humans, too. Experience shows that societies which raise people to love animals suffer less violence and have more environmental protections and help for vulnerable members.

In the long term, hunting with killing does no good. Instead, we should hunt animals without weapons, just with field-glass, to watch them, listen to them and maybe take beautiful photos and videos of them. Some environment protection organisations invite ordinary people to help them count ducks or other animals and sometimes install nesting places as a compensation for habitat loss inflicted by civilization. This way, we can enjoy nature while ensuring everyone else will be able to, even long from now.

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