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Use Your Social Media Platforms to Boost Your YouTube Content

YouTube isn’t just a website where you can watch videos; it is also one of the world’s biggest social networks. It ranks among the top 5 along with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Hence, if you have a business, you could use that to promote it on YouTube and make a big splash. You could even create a video using nothing more than your cellphone and then upload it to YouTube within a few minutes.


However, the bigger task begins after that, because you need to have people to watch the video that you have put up. There are many ways to go about it, including options to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and comments, but you should not do that before you first tap into your own social network.

When your video goes live, one of the first things that you need to do is to share the video on all social platforms, starting with Facebook. Facebook is a very dynamic place where people from all over the world are constantly getting feeds on the new content that is posted. If you write a nice description, people will be induced to view your video and maybe even share it.

You should also try the Twitter platform. Here, hashtags work. Look for hashtags in your line of business that have a potential of trending and associate it with your video. You can tweet your video several times a day, and finally you will find a sweet spot when more of your audience is active to share your video content.

Put up the video in your professional LinkedIn profile as well. It will help you to build your resume and will give you a leverage in your professional field.

In short, do not leave even one avenue when it comes to YouTube marketing or, for that matter, any social media marketing. In this world, it is persistence that pays.

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