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The tale of Manga

Eshinbun Nipponchi is the name of the first Manga book that has ever been created. In the past decade the sales of manga has increased in large numbers. Due to the rising sales figures, the revenue generated from the sales of these manga books have been increased at a large rate. The whole manga industry is prosperous now. The whole manga industry has also tremendously expanded worldwide. Exclusive rights and licenses are given to publishers in different countries. This is done so that they can translate and reprint manga into their own native languages. It is very much true that people of all ages read manga. Stories are written keeping in mind the targeted audience of different ages. Different kinds of stories are created to interest people of different age groups. It is very difficult for a manga artist to guess that which kind of story shall by liked by a particular age group of people. Sometimes different stories are published for boys and girls too.


Story books for different genders have gender specific and attractive designs on them. There are exclusive stores of Manga Books in japan where people can simply go and buy any manga book that they want to read. There are many manga cafes in japan where people sit and drink coffee. They sit and read manga books and sometimes they also stay overnight. Now people can also check for a series on the list that is maintained online. The Kyoto International Manga Museum is responsible for maintaining a whole website which has records of all the manga books that have been published till now. They have a list of series of manga books that have been published in Japanese up till now. Another advantage of manga is that there are many series of books running on stands simultaneously.

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